Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i'm so angry.

i'm honestly not trying to be mean here. I'm sure i should tell you the whole story before voicing my opinion, eh?
okay, here we go:
(i'm not using anyone's real names, but i am "Ginger".)
Ginger asked her cousin, Liz, to go to church with her, so she said yes. then, her friends, Belinda and Ray went with her. During church, Liz gave her life back to Christ. She was all smily and happy.
Then, they got to Ginger's house, and Belinda and Ray left, giving Liz the chance to speak freely, in which she said, "I really like Blake."
Ginger shrugged it off as, "Okay, you like him. Great."
But, it began to progress.
Liz told everyone that God told her to be with Ray. Ray prayed about it, but felt that God wasn't drawing her to him in that way. Maybe he was supposed to keep pulling her forward. But, she wouldn't recognize that. Everytime she was with him, she'd try to scoot closer, to be in his arms, but he didn't want that.
So, one Sunday, they were sitting in church, Ginger beside her father on the pew in front of Ray and Liz. Liz had her feet in the pew, her face in her knees, pouting because Ray was paying more attention to God than her.
Ginger told Ray to come join her on the front pew, but Liz followed and kept her face in her knees. Ginger felt the sudden urge to smack Liz, so, she wrote her a note:
Ginger: You do realize we're in church, right?
Liz: Yeah, I'm praying.
Ginger: You look sad.
Liz: I am.
Ginger: Well, you're hindering people.
Liz: Sorry.
So, Liz acts normally until they get back to Ginger's house. Then, Liz and Ray lay on Ginger's bed, on the computer. then, Ray gets up and moves into the closet, praying to God about some guidance. Liz follows >:
Ray walks into Ginger's room once again.
Ginger watches as Liz begins to gather her things to leave, crying. (drama queen.)
So, my opinion on this? :
I honestly don't think God intended for us to have relationships unless we were ready to be married. they're fifteen, i don't think they'll be marrying anytime soon.
So, God probably wants them to focus on HIM and not each other, Liz.
I think Ray is trying to keep focused, but Liz is becoming an issue with her poutiness.
This whole situation is slowly making me furious. Bleh.

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  1. okay, i have a question are you Ginger? im pretty sure i no who Liz is and you told us who Ray was you said Blake said... lol.